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About Us

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Good Food and Beverages since 2011

A culinary venture that embarked in 2011, Caffe Divino has become a much-coveted meeting spot for Emiratis while retaining the charm from its humble beginnings. Delectable beverages and decadent desserts take the spotlight at Caffe Divino. From our vast selection of coffee to an exceptional selection of sweet treats and everything in between, there is something to satiate any appetite. And time stops for a bit as you get comfortable at one of our tables and savour the spectacular drinks and cuisine of Caffe Divino, that entices and delights you.

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Astonishing spot for the
Coffee Enthusiastic

Cafe Divino is also an astonishing spot for the coffee enthisiast.

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Enjoy the dining with wide varieties

Diners can enjoy their talk with a variety of coffee choices.

Exceptional Choice of Coffee

Caffe Divino is a cozy spot to savour a cup of coffee and experience a pleasant atmosphere.

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A setting built with best

A setting built with best ambience that can cater to you for both your professional and personal needs

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Quality & Passion with
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Ralph Johnson

Coffee Chef

Fiona Edwards

Pastry Chef

Tom Knolltonns

Bakery Chef